Brittany Marie

"Life doesn't work perfectly, and it never will. It would work better, sure, but don't bank on happiness as a prize so far down the road that you forget the joy of right now. This is your "one wild and precious life," and it's up to you to decided what to do with it. Nothing should be out of reach. The shoulders of greatness are there for standing on."


people are really complicated. 

two lost souls in search for another
trying to fix what the one before broke
searching but never really finding. 

It’s not wonder people have trust issues with people like you and me out there.

All we really want is some individual attention
but can anyone give their undivided attention anymore?

When did you start to become the person you really are
Are we ever fully there?

Afraid to love
but never sure what love really was
or just misunderstood your version of it.

Dropped off like the unwanted pet.

My soul speaks through the music.

Just a taste of the fab times and people who are making this London trip a blast

I hate my body so much I don’t even want to take my clothes off to shower





I will never get back these o so precious college years… Too bad I’m miserable at best and my body is slowly breaking down to where I can’t walk. Yup. Gonna cherish that forever